About Us

Established on March 15, 2020, Infolocator.ng is to a portal for Nigeria and its people, businesses, and top immigration tips to help Nigerians fulfill their immigration dream to Canada.

Infolocator is a leading travel blog in Nigeria that provides the right immigration tips for you whether as students or tourists.

Our focus will be on tips that would help Nigerians who want to immigrate to Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, and other great destinations around the world to find jobs or for holidays.

Infolocator will also continue to share with you the best jobs you can find in some of the first-tier countries.

Do you want useful info about visa requirements to Canada, United Arab Emirates and Australia? Infolocator has got you covered.


To be the most reliable portal for notable Nigerians who have succeeded in their career, businesses and to provide the most update to date admission tips for students who are seeking admission into Nigeria’s higher institutions

In bringing all these into reality, we’ve carefully outlined some of the areas infolocator.ng will be covering.

They are travel, business ideas, daily motivation, education, fact check, love, Nigeria map, notable Nigerians, opinion, politics, product review, true-life story, and youth empowerment, while the general info will contain other posts that will be of help to our visitors.

Through the travel segment, we hope to provide travel tips not just for Nigerians, but also tourists across the World who love fun and hope to visit major tourist and attractions centres in Nigeria.

Nigeria is filled with millions of opportunities, only if we all know the best way how to tap into them. You’ll be getting realistic business opportunities through our business ideas posts.

Sometimes, what one needs is a bit of inspiration to get things done, our daily motivation articles would take care of this and get you on the right track.

Our education category will provide the most accurate and up to date admission tips for Nigerian admission seekers. This section will particularly focus on universities within and outside Nigeria.

When I was younger, there were hundreds of mystical stories we heard, are they are true? One of them is The story of how Indian National Team beat their Nigerian counterpart 99-0, it wasn’t true after all. As such, our fact check will focus on providing our users with the right information.

Love makes the world go round, right? Is there any best way to propose to your partner? Are there messages that can make your girlfriend stick to you? Here we’ll be giving you some dating tips.

Nigeria Map covers facts and figures about the 36 states in Nigeria and the 774 Local Government Areas in Nigeria.

From Aliko Dangote to Tony Elumelu; from Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to Akinwumi Adesina to Jim Ovia, Nigeria is blessed with successful businessmen and women, academics to innovators. Notable Nigerians section will tell you how they succeeded and what lessons you can tap from their wealth of success stories.

The opinion covers viewpoints on politics, business, and security, and we won’t relent on giving you our views on trending and burning issues in Nigeria.

Do you want an honest opinion about a product before making a purchase? Our product review category will critically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of any product we used in the past and present use.

What exactly are you passing through? Would you like to share your stories with the rest of the World? This is possible through true-life story posts.

From N-Power youth empowerment programme to other life-changing opportunities, take a journey through our youth empowerment category.