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40 Fantastic Reasons to Relocate to Canada RIGHT NOW

A lot of people relocate abroad regularly for different reasons. Most commonly, it’s due to the fact that they want to provide a better life for themselves and their families. In this post, we’ll tell you 40 great reasons to relocate to Canada.

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Although popular destinations like New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland and the UK offer immigrants a chance to live better, one country that stands out above all.

Guess which one it is?

Unlike several other countries, Canada welcomes migrants with open arms and doesn’t have a ton of red tape policies. As a matter of fact, Canada is a country built on immigration. People from all over the world have moved to the Great North since 1608.

Now, at least one person from every nation of the world can be found in Toronto! If you need a good reason to relocate to Canada in 2020 or at a later time, we’ll show you 9 wonderful reasons! Continue reading to learn why Canada is the best choice for your future.

40 Marvelous Reasons to Relocate to Canada

  1. Modern metropolitan living
  2. Canada is a home away from home
  3. Religious tolerance
  4. Familiar culture and language
  5. Free health care
  6. High Minimum Wage
  7. Tolerant and open minded
  8. Sense of humour
  9. Job opportunities
  10. Low crime rate
  11. Education destination
  12. Cultural melting pot
  13. Remote working opportunities
  14.  Medical research
  15. Space science
  16. Leisure Activities
  17. Characterful towns and cities
  18. Climate
  19. Unemployment Insurance Fund
  20. Great Public services
  21. Paid Leave Days
  22. Clean air
  23. Free education for your kids
  24. Great food
  25. Beaches
  26. Better Working Conditions
  27. Mountains
  28. 40 Hour Work Weeks
  29. Fantastic tourist centres
  30. It’s a Safe
  31. USA is just a stone’s throw away
  32. Cheap living costs
  33. Cheaper to Move to Canada
  34. Magnificent Wildlife
  35. Canada is a creative hub
  36. Peaceful Place to Live in
  37. Polite people
  38. Affordable university education
  39. A country you can be proud of
  40. Absolutely stunning place
  41. Security

Of all the reasons listed above why you need to relocate to Canada, we shall shed more light on at least 20 of the reasons to immigrate to Canada.

Free Healthcare

Healthcare systems in different places are not made alike. The public healthcare system in Canada is a typical model of what a realistic public healthcare system should look like.

Canada is the future of healthcare was the response of US Senator, Bernie Sanders, after visiting Canada a few months back

Canadians attach great importance on equal and extraordinary healthcare for all citizens and permanent residents.

Every province and territory has its own distinctive healthcare system known as Medicare that covers all essential healthcare service at no charge.

Although there are some exclusions, such as prescription drugs, mental health and optometry and dental health unless considered medically necessary.

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For instance, in some provinces like Ontario, prescription drugs for persons under the age of 25 are covered by the provincial government.

Wide Range Jobs of Opportunities

One of the common questions that burdens many foreign nationals who wish to relocate to Canada is: What’s my chance of getting a job when I relocate to Canada?

Sadly, in 2020 the novel coronavirus pandemic has affected the Canadian economy as well as other part of the world.

This obviously brings about a lot of queries about Canadian immigration and employability for the rest of the year and onwards.

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Marco Mendicino during COVID-19 pandemic was once quoted as saying, “Immigration will absolutely be key to our success and economic recovery going forward.”

On May 5, 2020, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Marco Mendicino, lectured the public in a webinar, he said that Canada’s open immigration strategies are here to stay and the nation will always welcome new foreign workers, permanent residents, and families.

There are definite immigration and visa programs that entails foreign nationals acquiring job offers before they can begin to work in Canada.

Despite the fact that it may be more tough to achieve a job offer in light of the present situation, the possibility isn’t completely ruled out.

Between 2020 -2022 More Than 1 Million Immigrants Will Be Welcomed in Canada

How will Canada take in more than 1 million permanent residents if there are no vacant job prospects? By our approximations, that’s a big No!

The target on immigration has been placed at 341,000 for 2020, another 351,000 or so foreign nationals to gain permanent residence in 2021, and an additional 361,000 to follow in 2022.

Canada is known to have a quick ageing population plus a rising tendency for young professionals to relocate to the urban cities such as Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver leaving behind the less popular northern regions of Canada, which makes up about ⅔ of Canada, without much required skills.

For this reason, Canada and its 13 provinces and territories fast track immigration for high demand occupations such as truck drivers, registered nurses, fisherman, trade workers and managers to help preserve the economy and even enhance it.

All you need to do is search for the perfect immigration category for you to move to Canada.

Canada is a home from home

A lot of people experience culture-shock when they relocate to a different country. It’s not a strange feeling anyway because of the huge difference in living conditions, transportation, food, and social mannerisms.

Fortunately, if you choose to relocate to Canada in 2020 or later, the out-of-place mood won’t last for long as it happens in other countries due to Canada’s varied population.

Whether you relocate to Canada from China, Saudi- Arabia, Brazil, or South Africa, you’ll surely find citizens from your home country in Canada and be able to join big ex-pat communities that’ll make you feel at home in no time.

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Getting restaurants that offer foods from your home country is totally possible in Canada too since the country is highly influenced by other cultures due to its reputation amongst immigrants.

Friendly people

To top it off, Canadians are generally friendly and this is more than just a positive stereotype. Canadians are liberal, easy-going, and generous.

In the 2016 Census, it was discovered that 7.5 million foreign-born people came to Canada through the immigration process.

They represent more than 1 in 5 people in Canada. It’s projected that more than 1 million immigrants would be welcomed by the Canadian government by 2022, that’s amazing!

Free School Fees

Free education for your kids from elementary to secondary is one of the reasons you may want to relocate to Canada.

You will be able to give your children the best education possible without worrying about ridiculous school fees.

In Canada, children can register at public elementary schools (grade 1 – 6) and public secondary schools (grade 7 -12) free of charge.

That provide parents with extra earnings to spend on kids’ extramural activities and also have more savings for post-secondary education.

This further supports the 2020 report by the World Population Review which rates Canada as the most educated country of the world.

As a matter of fact, 68% of the population have a college diploma or a university degree. Canada ranks the fourth most popular country for international student enrollment.

In Canada, students come to acquire world-recognized degrees and diplomas from some of the prominent universities and colleges in the world, such as the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, Humber College and Centennial College.

When they are done with their programs, students can stay and work in Canada by applying for a Post-Graduation Work Permit or they can choose to live in Canada permanently by applying via immigration streams planned for foreign-graduates in Canada.

Low Crime rate

According to the World Population Review Canada, is one of the top ten most peaceful and safest countries to live in the world. Quebec is presently Canada’s safest city to live in if you want to migrate to Canada in 2020.

Thousands of people who immigrate to Canada do so to escape the internal conflicts, political uncertainty and high crime rates that plague their countries. 84% of Canadians (in a 2018 Gallup survey) said they felt safe in their country.

Leisure Activities

Striking a balance between career duties and time shared with family and friends is the main driving force of a full and happy life.

Unfortunately, it is not always the case in every country and this makes citizens more stressed and unhappy.

However, in Canada the joyful news is that, there are so many employee and government benefits that permit workers more free time to raise their kids, work from home to evade traffic, plan long weekends away from busy city life, and increased salaries to remove the need for second jobs.

To crown it all, Canada is family to 48 national parks and 31, 752 crystal clear lakes that is the perfect remedy to stress and will aid clear your mind after a busy week at work.

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If you’ve always dreamt of taking up a leisure pursuit that gets your blood rising, then you’ll be spoiled when you relocate to Canada in 2020.

Some of the outdoor activities are skiing, ice skating, river rafting, ice hockey, hiking, canoeing, surfing, and cycling, and many more.

Total Freedom

In Canada, you are free to be you! Canadians encourage an equal, free and fair life to all who call Canada home.

The liberal government is Canada’s longest-serving party and has controlled federal politics for almost 70 years!

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, celebrates the largest annual Pride Festival in Toronto that begins on June 1st and ends on June 30th alongside thousands of LGBTQA members in Canada.

Cheaper to Move to Canada

According to Moovguide, a family of four will require as much as $16,300 to relocate abroad in 2020.

When it has to do with immigration, there are various tests and verifications needed such as English language testing, medical examinations, education credentials assessed, criminal background checks, and employment verifications.

In addition to these costs, each government charges their own immigration application fees and to be sure that your money is not wasted and your application is successful, you’ll need to employ the services of a visa agency.

Moovguide focuses on the four most popular immigration destinations – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK – and approximates how much it will cost a family of four to relocate, Canada is rated as the cheapest country to relocate to.

Based on their findings, if you choose to relocate to Canada in 2020, you won’t have to use up your life savings unlike the other countries listed below.

Estimated costs of relocating to Canada for visas and without household items

  • Canada: CAD 6,115
  • Australia: CAD16,813
  • New Zealand: CAD14,520
  • UK: CAD 13,758

Estimated costs of relocating to Canada with household items (three-bedroom home and a pet):

  • Australia: CAD 22,882
  • New Zealand: CAD 21,357
  • United Kingdom: CAD 20,595
  • Canada: CAD 15,255

Want to Become an Ice Hockey Fan?

Just like rugby is to New Zealand and cricket is to India, so is ice hockey to Canada. Hockey is a sport viewed, played and loved by Canadians all-year-round.

You can anticipate watching a game at Rogers Arena with hundreds of thrilled fans while indulging in a delicious bowl of Poutine and beaver tails next to a couple of the world’s friendliest people.

Final thought:

Now, how do you start the preparation to relocate to Canada? The first thing to do is to ascertain the visa program you and your family may best qualify for.

Each visa program comes with different eligibility requirements, documents and processing times.

Once you know which visa program out of the current 80 categories to apply for you’ll have a timeline to start planning your relocation.

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