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Truck Driver In Canada Earns N1.5M Per Month: How To Immigrate As A Driver

On average, a truck driver in Canada earns at least $55, 000 CAD (N18,315,000) per year, that translate to N1,526,250 per month in Nigerian Naira. How many civil servant can legitimately boast of this in Nigeria?

In this post, we’ll tell you the requirements of immigrating to Canada as a truck driver, there are thousands of vacancies in transport sector to be filled in Canada.

Canada is the second largest nation in the world with a very low population. This has resulted in a shortage of active workforce and made the government look towards accepting more immigrants to boost the labor force especially truck drivers.

To this effect, it was announced that over a million workers will be accepted into their country within the next 3 years to fill in this gap.

Below are some reasons you should consider this job and how you can migrate to Canada as a truck driver.

With a projected vacant positions in this industry of about 500,000 in the next 5 years, you stand a greater chance to migrate in this field if you applied correctly.

As a truck driver, the average age for this field is 48 and that goes to show that young migrants in Canada will have a long career span.

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Why Consider Being a Truck Driver in Canada?

On the average, Canadian-based Truck Drives earn between $55, 000 and $70, 000 per annum in addition to some bonus payments. This income depends on what job role you’re offered. You could earn more or less.

We would recommend job positions that cover long routes if you want to earn higher.

Work schedule is quite flexible too as soon trips take place over a couple of months or just one week and you can discuss with your employer on job duration and off days in a month.

This job will also afford you the opportunity to see the cityscapes and wilderness in Canada.

You would see wonders like the Rockies with its neighboring forests and fjords as well as the major cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, these destinations that require resources delivered.

You explore the powers of social interaction by making use of opportunities to become a team driver where you exchange truckers around the country or even pair up with a spouse who can travel (and drive) around the beautiful landscapes with you.

What are the Next Steps?

Migrating as truck driver in Canada is quite simple if you’re aware of the various programs available and if you work with the right immigration agent. However, you would need valid driving license and clean criminal record. You will need to undergo medical screening with a professional, you’ll have to train according to Canadian truck-driving laws and a written test is conducted which you must pass before applying.

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You will also be trained according to Canadian truck-driving laws. Most truck drivers seeking for employment in Canada began by entering the Temporary Foreign Worker Program that gives them access into the country to begin working for a Canadian employer.

Once you are ready to apply, get all the above document ready. To be make your application a successful one, you definitely need to have all the above requirements in place. The employer will then spread-out an offer and once this is in motion, you are then invited to apply for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

To make the process quicker, say within 6 months, you have to create an official profile in the immigration website for the Express Entry Program.

Before or while working for a Canadian employer on this temporary basis, you can as well apply online with an ‘Expression of Interest’ to a particular province in Canada.

If you meet the required conditions, you will be invited to apply to a stream in the Provincial Nominee Program for a provincial nomination.

A perfect example of a provincial subcategory is the ‘Long-Haul truck Driver Project’, part of the Provincial Nominee Program’s Saskatchewan Experience Category

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This route is committed to ensuring that trucking firms are able to bring long-haul truck drivers to Canada on a Temporary Foreign Worker Permit.

If you successfully meet the benchmarks for the selected province (which is subject to change), you will be recommended for residency by the province.

This automatically adds 600 points to your ranking under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of your profile.

With these points, you are sure to rank higher against other applicants in the Express Entry system’s pool, and your chances of being drawn with the next round of successful applicants will increase.

How Can Infolocator Help?

This is what we do better, we know a certified immigration consultancy firm in Canada that can guide you and build the necessary points for your profile and help you find the correct program you are to go through in order to apply for immigration.

In one of our previous posts, we published top tips to follow as a beverage or food server in Canada while another one covers seafood jobs.

Note: We’re not immigration agency, but we have details of two qualified Canadian-based immigration experts that will guide you through.

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