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You Can Earn N773K Per Month As A Food Server in Canada

The tourism and hospitality industry in Canada is currently thriving, with over 1.7 million jobs (including food and beverage servers) created within the sector yearly.

Are you aware that experienced servers earn as much as $27,877 annually? In Nigeria at the current exchange rate dollar to naira, that’s N9,283,041 per year which translates to N773,586 per month.

That’s more than the monthly salary of some professors in Nigeria, in this post we’ll show you how to immigrate to Canada and work as food or beverage server. Your experience determines your take annual salary, meaning you could even earn more.

With good experience as a server, you could even earn more as a truck driver, irrespective of your religion and beliefs, Canada is your second home.

The service of Food and beverage servers are needed in these 4 provinces.

4 Provinces where services of food server in Canada are needed more

  • Prince Edward Island
  • Nova Scotia;
  • Alberta;
  • Saskatchewan.
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Ways you can migrate to Canada as a beverage and food server

  1. Express Entry system,
  2. Provincial Nominee Program,
  3. Atlantic Immigration program,
  4. Rural and Northern Immigration program,
  5. International Experience Canada Program.

The International Experience Canada Programme in December 2019 opened its Working Holiday Application season and you benefit from this immigration option available for you as a food servers in Canada.  This is one of the benefits of getting a job in Canada whether as a farmworker and other thousands of jobs opportunities.

With these options accessible to you, the procedures involved in the visa application process can be quite complicated.

But, with a certified immigration consultant, you need not worry about endless paperwork. Not only will a certified immigration agent submit all your application forms and accompanying documents but will make certain that they get to the Canadian immigration offices early enough.

Working with such agent will make your Canadian dream a reality.Would you like to know more? Continue reading to find out how you can settle in Canada as a beverage or food server in Canada

Best Provinces to get Food and Beverage Serving Jobs in Canada

Indeed, the Canadian tourism and hospitality industry urgently require the services of waiters, precisely in

  • Nova Scotia,
  • Alberta,
  • Saskatchewan,
  • Prince Edward Island.

Expected income as a food server in Canada in each of the province/territory:

  • Prince Edward Island: $21,938 (N7,305,534) per year
  • Saskatchewan: $21,450 (N7,142,850) per year
  • Alberta: $23,790 (N7,922,070) per year
  • Nova Scotia: $21,158 (N7,045,614)
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How can you Get There?

Earlier, we highlighted different ways to immigrate to Canada as a food a beverage server which are; The Express Entry system, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, The International Experience Canada Program, The Rural and Northern Immigration Program in addition to various Provincial Nominee Programs.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

This Pilot Program is targeted at applicants who want to settle to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, or Prince Edward Island.

It is an employer-driven program planned to aid the provinces fill up the existing labour gap with suitable candidates.

Three available options you can apply

  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program
  • Atlantic International Graduate Program
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

As expected, all 3 programs will need you to possess proof of language proficiency in English or French, education qualifications and work experience as well as adequate funds to support you and your family.

Working Holiday Visa

This Visa offers youth, between the ages of 18 and 30, the opportunity to travel and work in Canada and acquire valuable work experience. The core requirements are that your country must have an arrangement with Canada that allows you apply for an IEC (International Experience Canada) work permit or that you make use of a recognized organization (RO).

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Also, you will need to meet the particular conditions of your country or territory of citizenship and the pool you’re applying for.

Here are 3 categories you can choose from:

  • Working Holiday
  • International Co-op(internship)
  • Young Professionals

For you to immigrate to Canada and get food serving jobs or work as a beverage server, Working Holiday application will be the most suitable for your category. The good thing about this program is that a job offer is not compulsory.

Provincial Nominee Program

This Program is province and territory-specific. 11 out of Canada’s provinces and territories have their own PNPs, which lets provinces to nominate persons considered eligible to contribute to the region economically.

All applicants must possess a job offer in order to apply via one of these programs from the province or territory of their choice and also meet the precise conditions of the region’s PNP.

Receiving a provincial nominee comes with 600 points which will be added to the candidate’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. This automatically increases your likelihood of receiving permanent residence when you immigrate to Canada.

Final thought:

In one of our posts, we told you that services of seafood workers are needed, this post further attests to the wide range of opportunities available in Canada.

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