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How to Gain Admission to Canadian Universities from Nigeria

Are you aspiring to gain admission to Canadian high institutions from Nigeria hassle-free and free of fraud? Go no where as we’ve got you covered with this guide.

Tips About Canadian Immigration

You not only have the assurance of graduating with a world-recognized qualification that’ll amaze your future employers but a Canadian education is a huge step towards achieving a Canadian Permanent Residence whether as a Muslim Immigrant or irrespective of your religious belief.

Canada loves to retain its international graduates mostly those with STEM degrees and others within in-demand fields like agriculture and business management.

There are various post-graduate immigration streams that you can apply for after you graduate in Canada to start a promising career in a progressive, multinational country that gives you the opportunity to be yourself!

Table of Contents

3 effective steps to gain admission to Canadian Universities from Nigeria

  1. Register at DLI
  2. Wisely Choose A Study Program
  3. Submit Application for a Student Permit

Step 1: Register at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

To study in Canada, you will required to have a student permit. But before applying for a student permit, you need to register at a designated university or college in Canada.

If you are accepted for a study program, you’ll be issued a letter of acceptance which is a required document when applying for your student permit.

What is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)?

Designated Learning Institutions are post-secondary education institutes that are approved by provincial or territorial governments to admit ex-pat students.

Presently, there are roughly 1,534 DLIs across Canada. Most of these DLIs are located in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta.

Step 2: Wisely Choose A Study Program

What do you wish to study? If you would like to stay back and work in Canada after completing your study program, you need to be aware that not every program offered by all DLIs makes you qualified for post-graduate immigration streams and programs.

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As a matter of fact, to be eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit, you must register at a public or private DLI in Quebec or a private DLI in any of the other Canadian provinces. More so, be sure to complete your study program:

For either a degree, diploma or certificate;

That has a duration of at least 8 months.

Step 3: Submit Application for a Student Permit

Once your enrollment into a DLI in Canada is successful, and you have obtained a letter of acceptance, then along with other required documents, you can now apply for a student permit.

You need a Canadian Student Permit to study at a designated university or college in Canada, however, it does not allow you to enter a country like a visa would.

Nevertheless, when you apply for a student permit and your application is accepted, you’ll be given a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA), along with your student permit.

Check If You Qualify for the Student Direct Stream

If you live in China, Pakistan India, Morocco, Senegal, the Philippines, or Vietnam, you may be able to obtain your study permit within 20 calendar days via the Student Direct Stream.

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These countries already have an agreement with Canada which allows for quicker processing times.

And if you already have experience in seafood, you could earn over a million naira per month in Canada as a fishing worker.

Final thought:

With 13 provinces and territories that are larger than some countries, Canada remains the second-largest country in the world with its tolerance to religion, gender, race and religion.

With this tutorial, we’ve been able to guide through on how to process gain admission to Canadian universities of your choice from Nigeria.

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